TMI Tuesdays

Story timeeeeee. I have been feeling awfully awful lately (see what I did there haha). Just not myself at all and I can’t get to the bottom of what’s making me feel this way. SO I’m concentrating on the things that make me happy, instead of always focussing on the negativity.

So what makes me happy? Laughing, scary movies, drawing, writing, photography.. etc. I also watch a lot of YouTube which brings me to where we are today. I follow this one YouTuber: Karissa-, and she does a video called “TMI Tuesdays” (which means Too Much Information).

So I have a TMI funny story for you all, because someone might as well laugh at my ridiculous life with me.

I was hanging out with this boy that I really liked and when I like someone, I put in 110%. He had just moved to my city and didn’t know very many people, and the people he did know were out of town for the weekend. It happened to be his birthday on this weekend and I know he was feeling down, so I was determined to show him the best places and things in the city and make his birthday awesome. I got him a small gift and wrote him a nice card, that a girl at work personally made for me.

Before I started hanging out with this boy I was feeling a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure if he was still with his ex or back together with her, he had mentioned to me they were talking again and wanted to be honest with me. OF COURSE, after hearing that it’s hard to not think about it.

So anyways, decided to go ahead with my plans. I knew he wouldn’t be available to later in the day so I waited for him to text me. The day slowly progressed into the night and I had barely heard anything from him. Just super short, blunt texts and after getting those I knew what was coming. He eventually messaged saying he wasn’t feeling up to doing anything blah blah blah. Realistically it was his birthday so I shouldn’t have felt as upset as I did. I was just frustrated because I had put effort into doing something special for him. I also felt stupid for letting this boy into my life after already having doubts about the situation. A million ‘what ifs’ started filling my head and after seeing some posts on social media, I was mega bummed out to say the least.

This is where things took a turn for the worst. I tore up the card I had written (crazy vibes I know) and threw the pieces into the candle that was near by me. NOT A GOOD IDEA. The flame of the candle probably tripled in size and stayed that way. I decided to try and wait it out, but after about 30 minutes and no sign of the flame shrinking I started to worry.

Cue non-so-smart Ashley. I decide to throw a glass of water onto the flame. Turns out, this was not a good idea. The cold water made the hot glass explode, spilling wax all over the table and lighting the carpet on fire.

Most people would just consider this a funny accident, but things like this happen to me all the time. Karma constantly kicking me when I’m already down. I’m not even sure what I did at this point. I think I threw a towel onto of the mess, which luckily put out the fire.

You think I would take this as some sort of sign, but nope. I continued to hang out with this boy for way too long.

I seriously hope this boy never reads this or any hopefully boyfriends because I feel like this gives me some serious crazy vibes and I swear I’m not crazy hahaha.

I hope this ridiculous story made some of you out there smile!



Happy One Year to US!


I can’t believe that I started this small blog a year ago already.

I got the inspiration from my friend, Brittany Lauren.  She has the most wonderful fashion/lifestyle blog that you should definitely check out if you’re into that style of blogging. 

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this blog, or where I wanted to take it, I just knew I wanted it to be real.  I wanted other twenty-somethings to know that the struggles they are going through, or the emotions they are feeling, are perfectly fine and they’re not the only ones going through them. I originally wanted to write this as an anonymous blog, because I was scared of the backlash I might get on my opinions and thoughts on certain things. Turns out either 1) people don’t care as much I thought, 2) my opinions really aren’t as crazy as I thought, or 3) not as many people read my blog as I like to convince myself do. haha

It’s funny how much peace this blog has brought me, which I never thought would happen. So many wonderful people have reached out to me, a couple doors have been opened and better yet, I might have even helped a few people. If I’ve learnt anything in my twenty-whatever years of life, people love to know they are not alone. People love to find someone or something they can relate to and even if there’s only one person who feels that way about something I’ve posted or written, at least I’ve helped that one person.

I am a work in progress, just like all of you are and none of us are alone in our thoughts or battles.

Cheers to one year, and hopefully more to come! Thank you for all who follow me on my journey or who have reached out to me. You are the ones that keep my smile bright!


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Happy Saturday Loves, here’s a little pick-me-up/ reminder.
Hope it reaches the people that need to see this, and works for a great reminder for the others!