25 Fun Facts About ME!

  1. I eat a banana every single morning, and if I don’t my whole day is literally thrown off.
  2. My knees are extremely hyperextended, which is why one of my favourite animals is a flamingo.
  3. I am very influenced by other people’s vibes.  If people around me are grumpy, it will most likely make me grumpy. If people are happy, I’ll be happy.
  4. I am completely a visual learning.  You can preach at me till the sun goes down, but I won’t understand it until I see it or try it for myself.
  5. I’m allergic to kiwis and melons.
  6. I am a scary movie addict. I like to watch them alone to make them scarier.
  7. If I don’t like a food, I will eat it until I do. Not sure why I just don’t like being a picky eater.
  8. I hate birthdays (my birthday). Too much attention on myself it makes me anxious haha.
  9. I wish I had the nerve to dye my hair a crazy colour, like blue, but I’m way too nervous to.
  10. I have really long eyelashes and when I was little I wanted to cut them off because they reminded me of spider legs.
  11. I’m really good at reading people, thanks to all my studying in sociology and social psychology.
  12. I like to pretend my life is like High School Musical, so I’m constantly listening to music and imagining everyone dancing routines around me hahaha
  13. I really wish I was a fashionista like some of my friends, but I just love spending my money on makeup and not clothes way too much.
  14. I hardly ever wear real bras.. sports bras and bralettes 4 lyfe.
  15. Fall is my favourite season, because touques, bunnyhugs, scarves and cuddling with cute boys are life.
  16. I care way too much about social media and I truly wish I didn’t.
  17. My best friends are my soul mates.
  18. Manners are super important to me, and I secretly judge people that don’t use them.
  19. If you’re ever on my bad side just buy me: a ginger beer, chocolate and banana 5 cent candies and you’ll be golden.
  20. I cannot sleep with another person in my bed. Good luck to my future partner.
  21. I read every single Harry Potter book in under a week. Yep. I’m cool like that.
  22. I got lost in a jungle in Panama once, trying to find an endangered red frog. Literally so extremely lost. I wasn’t even scared because being lost in a jungle makes for a pretty sweet story. PS found the red frog, and found out it was poisonous after holding it…
  23. Dance parties are my life. In the morning, at night, mid afternoon.. as long as the music is good, I’m down for a dance party.
  24. My biggest dream has always been to own my own hostel somewhere in the world.
  25. I do not like swearing. I don’t like hearing other people swear and I barely ever swear myself.

Happy Friday All!! :)


We did it! We made it through another week!
I found this post the other day on Tumblr and I absolutely love it!
Find something you’re scared of this weekend and go do it!
Tell that boy or girl you like him, go to that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try, go out and own that dance floor at your favourite bar.
Too often in life, we tell ourselves we’ll do the things we want to do later but go do them. None of us are promised another tomorrow. Live each day like it’s the last!

Have a wonderful weekend and for those of you (like myself) who are doing the midterm grind, WE CAN DO IT! 🙂


Ghosting 101

*I found this post in my ‘drafts’ and decided to revisit and post it. I sometimes write in moments of anger or frustration, and by the post you are about to read, this was obviously one of them.  This is not meant to come across as rude or hurtful and I am not trying to target or single anyone out in particular.  I just felt I had to share my side and my viewpoint.


Okay, maybe we should start with what ‘ghosting’ is (in my understanding). It is the deletion of people from one’s social media (ie. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, etc.). Harsh? I guess in some people’s views, but here is my side of it.

If we dated or were friends, and we fell apart for whatever reason, to me that is where it ends. Why would I want you to have an insight into my life or allow myself the insight into yours? You chose to no longer be a part of my life.  Why should you get to see the events that go on in my life, the things that make me smile or the new experiences that I am having? If you hurt me, you don’t deserve to see me smile anymore.

There is a quote that often pops up on my Twitter or Tumblr and it says something about: “If they blocked you, then you won.” This quote drives me crazy because this quote calls me out, it says I’m the weak one.  It tells me that I am letting my exes, old friends, and people that have broken my heart win.  But I don’t see it like that.  There is no winning when someone’s heart is broken, or a friendship is lost.  There is only loss. Why should it matter who blocks who?  Who can withstand seeing the other person or people happy without you the longest?  Not only do I not want to you to see my life, but I don’t want to allow myself to see yours’.

People think my actions are selfish and you know what, maybe in some people’s eyes they are and I’m not going to try and change their minds.  I would rather not see what my exes or old friends are doing via social media, and if that’s selfish of me, then so be it. You can call me childish or immature and you can tell me I’m just trying to hurt the people that have hurt me, but in reality, I’m stopping myself from obsessing over Instagram posts and  SnapChats.  If I want to find out how these people are, I’m forcing myself to have to text or call them, not just creep their profiles.

Across my social media accounts, I try to spread positivity. I want to be surrounded by people who will congratulate me on my successes and appreciate how I see the world through the pictures I post.  I live my life for me, not the likes.