Sunday Moodz


It’s All About The Vibes.


I am such a huge believer that you get back what you put into our universe. If you’re a happy, positive person, those are the people and vibes you’re going to attract to yourself.  I’m not saying that life isn’t going to happen, that you’re not going to have a seizure, total your car and crash your bike all in a week (true story). But with keeping your chin up, and smiling through the rough patches, you will attract the people in your life that belong to be there. People that will help get through the negative times. And the people that will always push you to be the best version of yourself.

I am constantly praised for being a positive person by people around me, or sometimes by people I don’t even know. Thank you to everyone who reaches out to me. Motivating and putting smiles on people’s faces is all I can ask for in life and I hope I can continue to do this.

Have a great week everyone!!


Monday Motivation

Here’s a short video with a great message for your week.  I think we all tend to let the little things in life build up without even knowing it. Let’s all take a second this week to let go of all the little stresses in life, all the unneeded things that have been unknowingly building up and see how much weight we feel is lifted from our shoulders!

Watch Here! 🙂

Have a great week loves!