Summer Faves!

I’m currently in a writer’s block, but I’ve been wanting to write a faves post for a little bit. So I apologize if you could care less about what random things I’m into, but here we go anyway!!

My Summer must faves:

Burt’s Bees Lipstick
I found this gem at Shoppers and I have been in love ever since. I’m actually on my second one, only because someone stole my first (who steals lipstick?!). It’s moisturizing, with a slight colour to it. Perfecto for the summer time!
(In Nile Nude)

Levi Restored Cut Off Shorts
I get compliments on these shorts all the time and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little surprised by that. I mean I full on love these shorts, but they don’t really do much for my body shape. I love them because 1) my buttcheeks do not hang out 2) they’re hella comfortable and 3) I can dress them up or dress them down.
(I got mine from Aritzia)

Argan Oil
I actually think I’ve written about this oil before, but I have to give it another shout out. I do not know what the heck’s been going on, but my skin has been going mental. Too oily or too dry (my fault I overused tea tree oil), basically a pimple party. But this stuff has saved me again. I use it both on my skin, in my hair and even mix it in with my foundation. It’s basically the bomb dot com.


Cold Brew Coffee
Random AF, I know. But another thing I’ve been digging lately (probably because I’m working more than I’m sleeping). In my understanding, cold brew coffee has more caffeine than normal coffee?? That’s what I tell myself anyway. haha. Anyways, my go to order: cold brew, coconut milk and sugar-free caramel.

The Black Mirror
I’ve actually watched this entire series before, but I just got back into it.. and guys…. what are you doing if you haven’t watched this Netflix series yet!? This show pushes the boundaries and starts conversations. Basically, this show takes certain societal concepts and exaggerates them to the extreme. Check it out!

I think I will forever be obsessed with Tumblr. I know, this is so random, but Tumblr is just the best. I just love scrolling and reading the positive quotes and seeing beautiful pictures from around the world. If you want to see some of the stuff I dig, check out my page: Siempre Para Siempre.

Maaji Bathing Suits
I used to work at a swim suit store (fun fact of the day), so I was lucky enough to get to try out a few different bathing suit brands at buyer prices and Maaji is by far my favourite. I think I’ve had my suit for three years now and it still looks brand new and I still get compliments on it all the time.  They are on the pricey side, but in my opinion very worth it! Definitely, check them out!!



My Must Have Fall Faves!!

I loveeeeee fall. I love everything about fall. I love fall fashion. I love fall weather. I love fall colours. I just love fall and honestly wish it lasted all year round.

Let’s start off with a few of my favourite fall makeups and beauty products.

If any of you know me, you know I love lipstick. My collection is quite insane, to be honest. Summer lipsticks are my favourite cause you can wear the brightest and craziest colours, but I’ve also got a few fall faves. The first one being Bow N Arrow by Kat Von D. A nice dark nude, literally perfect for almost any look.  I like to put a little bit of a nude lipstick on top (while it’s still wet) to lighten it a tad bit. To top this baby off I put How Nude by Soap and Glory to give a little bit of shine to my lips. Best fall combo hands down!

I’ve had this palette for a long time, but it especially fits the fall season. It’s warm-toned, with a combo of both mattes and shimmers and as of recently, I cannot put it down. It is the 35O Palette by Morphe Brushes. Not only is the quality on point, but it is always cheap AF for the amount of eyeshadows you get. **Also as I was looking for a picture of this palette, I stumbled upon the 35F -Fall into Frost Palette. I cannot say it’s any good because I haven’t tried it, but just look at it.. a-maze-ing.

I have been having some major skin issues as of lately. Major for me, might not be the same for other people, but I have been having some little breakouts for unknown reasons.  I have decided to go on the hunt for a new daily and night moisturizer.  These are the ones I’ve been trying and loving: GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer by Origins (daily moisturizer) and Zero Oil™ Oil-Free Moisture Lotion by Origins (night moisturizer). Both are a gel texture and oil-free, which really suit my oily skin! Two more skin products that have been saving me through breakouts are Supermud Clearing Treatment by GlamGlow and EradiKate by Kate Somerville.  Both are very expensive, but worth it in my opinion and have really been helping my skin!

Quick hair product shout-out to Detox Dry Conditioner by Dry Bar. I actually bought this stuff by accident, but I’m so glad I did. Not only does it smell like heaven, it leaves your hair amazingly soft and refreshed. It’s great for us blondies who’s hair tends to get dry on the ends after not washing it for a few days!
Let’s move onto fashionnnnn.
I am nowhere near a fashionista, and I will definitely not claim to be one, but I still do have some fall staple fall items.

My first fall fashion favourite is toques (or beanies). There is nothing better in my eyes than a good old toque on a fall day hahaha. Here are a few that I’ve been repping:

**Always repping the derz.

I am a huge fan of sweaters, bunny hugs and long sleeves for the fall. Especially ones with an awesome design on them. Victoria secret has some of my favourite long sleeves, that are comfortable and warm, but still cool enough for those hot fall days.
I’m also a fan of Urban Outfitters Men sweatshirts. They fit big and they have so many awesome graphics on them. **Definitely downsize 1 or 2 sizes because they are men sizes.
Another two of my favourite sweatshirts are from two local stores: HardPressed and 22Fresh. Both with very unique and amazing designs, great quality and local.

I have two favourite fall bottoms. The first being black jeans. I could wear black jeans every single day. My absolute favourite ones are the High Spray by Cheap Monday.
I have to give a shout out to my next fave fall bottoms.. wait for it.. wait for it.. Lulu Lemon Wunder Under Leggings (Hi-Rise). I don’t even think I need to explain myself here. You can dress them down, you can dress them up. They are just wonderful. My ultimate favourite is the shiny version, but they haven’t brought them back for a while.

Shoes:. Since I am currently biking everywhere, both my fall favourite shoes are pretty practical. The first ones are my black on black converse. Simple but stylish (in my mind anyway haha). My second go-to shoes right now are my Nike Air Max 1s.

Last, but certainly not least are some of my current favourite jewellery pieces. I’m loving layering necklaces right now. I wear my Giving Key necklace almost every day, paired with some smaller necklaces. For earrings, I have been loving the new mini Hillberk and Berk sparkle balls. They’re small and not over the top. Lastly bracelets, I have two that I wear every day: my Lokai bracelet in clear or purple and my Alex and Ani charm bangle bracelets.

Fall for me is all about being comfy and cozy. About enjoying the last bit of the summer heat while looking at the beautiful fall leaves.

What are your favourite fall things??


**If you want to see what I’ve been jamming to this fall, check out my ‘sept’ playlist on Spotify!

Friday Faves: MakeUp (Part 2)

Guess who’s back.. back again? haha but seriously, it’s only Tuesday and I’m already starting to write this blog because I just love talking about makeup that much… some might call it an obsession. Nahhh. So here is a continuation on from my first Friday Faves: MakeUp (Part 1). Grab a snack, sit back and let’s get back into it again!

I like my bronzers with a cooler undertone, especially since my skin tone is already on the orange side.  If I use an orangey bronzer combined with my skin tone, I look like a pumpkin! I also prefer matte bronzers, compared to bronzers with a sparkle in them, I find this makes them look a lot more realistic on the skin!

My first fave is the Too Faced- Soleil Matte Bronzer in the shade ‘Chocolate’.  This is the perfect bronzer for both contouring and bronzing the face.  It is a cooler tone, so it leaves the most natural, sunkissed glow to the face! This is definitely a staple in my makeup collection AND it has the most wonderful smell of chocolate. YUM!

The second favourite bronzer is one that I would consider as a dupe for the Too Faced one! **A dupe is a cheaper version of an expensive product. The only difference is this one is a little more powdery whereas the Two Faced bronzer is more velvety. This bronzer is NYX Cosmetics- Matte Bronzer in . Again this is just the perfect bronzer for both contouring and bronzing the face. It’s not too warm and it’s not too cool toned and it glides on the face wonderfully!

**I currently use the Benefit Cosmetics- Hoola Bronzing and Contouring Brush to apply bronzer!

Blush/ Highlighter:
I’m not going to lie, I have yet to find my ride or die blush and highlighter, but I am going to include the ones I use on the daily right now. These are my current summer go tos, but there’s just something about both of them, that make them just not quite my favourites.

The blush I’m going to talk about is Nars- Blush in the shade Orgasm.  I heard so many good things about this blush, so I finally indulged.  It is pretty, don’t get me wrong, it just wasn’t quite what I expected and didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  It might have a lot to do with the fact that it has a shimmer in it, which I am not a fan of, but when you wear it on the skin it’s not that noticeable. I also find it very underwhelming when I wear it and have a fake tan on, you can barely see it on my skin and if I’m paying for high-end products, I want people to notice them!

**I use the Sephora Collection- Pro Small Blush and Contour Brush to apply the blush.

The highlighter I’m going to briefly mention is the Make Up For Ever- Pro Sculpting Duo in Color 2 Golden.  I do really like this, especially for when I’m performing or going out.  There’s just something about it that holds me back from saying it’s my favourite. Like most highlighters, I find it clings and extenuates texture on my skin.  I also find it fades throughout the time I’m wearing it.  To make it last the longest, I apply it directly after I apply my makeup setting spray.  This makes it the most vibrant and last the longest!  Very beautiful product, just not my favourite.

** I use a dampened sponge from the drug store to apply highlighter!

I’m not a huge eyebrow professional.  If you didn’t notice from my pictures, I was blessed with already pretty full eyebrows.  I only fill in a few sparse spots and set them to keep them looking a little more tamed.

The first ride or die eyebrow product is Anatasia Beverly Hills- Brow Wiz in either Taupe or Caramel. I have tried many other products, but for me, nothing else compares. This eyebrow pencil is easy to use, comes in many shades and leaves you having a perfect eyebrow day, every day!

The second product is again by Anatasia Beverly Hills. It’s the Brow Gel in Clear. This stuff is like glue for your eyebrows! They will not move the entire day, and the best part is it never gets flakey or white if you try and brush your brows out. Love this stuff. Definitely worth the splurge!

Eyelashes are the one thing I do not skimp out on. If you haven’t noticed I have been blessed with ridiculously long eyelashes (thank you genetics). I honestly have at least one person ask me a day what I use on them, if they’re real, etc. I am here to tell you my lash secrets!

The first mascara I use (yes I use multiple mascaras on the daily) is wonderful. I recently tried to see if I could go without it and use a less expensive one, and I could not. It is Benefit Cosmetics- Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara.  This stuff works miracles! I have multiple friends who use this, and I have never heard anything bad about it! It lengthens, curls and does not flake at all as the day goes on.  It also does not get chunky at all! LOVE IT!

The second mascara I use is Australis- Voluptulash Mascara. The photo below does not do the brush justice. It is a little comb-like applicator, which I think scares many people, but I like how it looks on top of the first mascara I talked about.  Another thing I like about this mascara is that it is a tubing formula, meaning it’s waterproof and smudge-proof, but still comes off easily at the end of the day! It’s also on the cheaper side, so that’s always a plus!

Finally, the last mascara I want to talk about is a crowd favourite.  It’s Too Faced- Better Than Sex Mascara.  This mascara is fabulous! It gives your eyelashes the perfect volume without looking clumpy. Is it better than sex? Very, very close haha. The only thing about this mascara is that I do not like it alone. I would never wear this without having a base mascara on first, maybe I’m weird, that’s just how I feel.

Lip Stick:
Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good statement lip.  I haven’t ventured too far into the latest liquid lipstick trend, but I do know a few good staples.

I’ll start with my first favourite brand, which is also the brand that started my lipstick obsession… I mean collection ;). Of course, this is MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. I’m sure it’s not news to anyone that they make some of the most fabulous lipsticks. They range in colours, finishes and lasting time. Some of my favourites include: Flat Out Fabulous (a bright plum matte), Honey Love (a light nude matte), Lady Danger (a bright coral-red matte) and Vegas Volt (a coral sheen). **Photos below in the order I listed them!

The next lipstick brand I want to talk about is Bite Beauty. Unfortunately for me, I only own one lipstick from this brand, but I ABSOLUTELY love it. Everything from the consistency, to the pigment. Simply amazing! Bite Beauty advertises their lipsticks as “so good you could eat them” because they are hand made, with natural ingredients that you could literally eat! So cool! The colour I own is Violet, which I couldn’t find on the site, but I’ve heard Honeycomb (a beige nude) is amazing!

I have one more lipstick brand to mention before I bore you all to death. This last one is equally as fabulous as the first two, and LUCKILY gentle on your wallet. It’s ColourPop! This brand is definitely underated and under talked about. I think the main reasoning for this is because as of right now, you can only purchase ColourPop online! I own a few products by them and their Lippie Stix are definitley my favourite. I own the shade Clique (a orangey-red). It wears great and is the perfect colour for summer (I also own the mathcing lip liner and it goes on so smooth)! I highly reccomend you check them out!

We did it! We made it through my two-part makeup favourite posts! I literally could stretch this out for another post, but I won’t do that to you. Let me know what some of your favourites are, or if you end up trying out any of my favourites! I am not being paid to talk about any of these products, they are literally my favourite that I use often if not every day! 🙂


Friday Faves: MakeUp (Part 1)

Makeup, the one thing I could talk about all day long! I love buying it, applying it, watching YouTube videos on. In my perfect world, I am a makeup artist on all the hottest movie sets. I think you guys get it, I love makeup, haha! I’m going to share my favourite products with you, starting from the base and going from there. I had to split this post into two because I forgot how many products I love (whoops). I use a mixture of drugstore and high end, varying in prices. Let’s get into it!!

I have three primers to share with you (well two for sure, one you will probably think is crazy!)

The first one is a new found love for me. I’ve been wanting to buy it for a while and I finally took the plunge and fell in love. It’s the Stila- One Step Correct. This stuff is amazing. It helps even out my skin tone and makes my makeup last. It is a more high-end product, so it’s on the pricey side, but so far I would say it’s worth the splurge.

The second primer I love is Smashbox- Photo Finish Primer Water. I went into this one not wanting to like it. I mean it’s called a primer water, I can get water from the tap!! But I was proven wrong. This makes your skin feeling tacky, leaving the perfect base for makeup to stick too.  I also think it helps leave my skin looking more moisturized and glowy.  Again this is another high-end product. If you were to ask me if you should splurge or skip this one, I might say skip. Though it is a wonderful product, I won’t deny that!

My final primer is the crazy one.  I first saw this on one of my favourite YouTube channels, NikkieTutorials. It’s Nivea Men’s-After Shave Balm (sensitive skin). I know, I know, this sounds crazy, BUT GUYS it works! It has something to do with the glycerin in it. It’s the perfect base for makeup to stick to and makes your makeup last all day long.  Another positive, it’s under $10.00. WIN. The only negative is the smell. It smells like, well, after shave. The scent is faint though and goes away quite quickly.

**I use my fingers to apply primers

It took me a while to find a foundation I really like. I’ve tried a lot, and many either 1) broke me out or 2) made me as oily as an oil slick. You guys are in for a treat for this one because both my favourite foundations are drug store and so affordable! WOOHOO.

The first foundation I love and is the one I’m wearing daily right now, it’s Maybelline- Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation.  This stuff really helps me stay oil free all day, gives me the coverage I want and doesn’t irritate my skin in any way. It really helps minimize my pores and gives me a matte, but not dull complexion. I love it!

My second foundation favourite, which I love equally as the first one is L’oreal- True Match. This stuff literally comes in every shade and even gives you the option between cool, warm or neutral undertones. This foundation leaves your skin a little more dewy looking than the first, but at the same time does not make you oily. It’s very buildable and looks very natural. LOVE! I highly recommend!

**I use my Beauty Blender to apply foundation

Again, lucky for you guys (and my wallet) my favourite concealers are drug store, AKA affordable!! I actually have never dabbled into the high-end concealers, which is probably for the better haha.

My first favourite is Maybelline-  Instant Age Rewind. It wasn’t love at first site for this one, but I gave it another try and now I loveeee it. It’s a nice light formula that gives you an airbrushed looking coverage. Sometimes I even just use this and no foundation, it’s THAT GOOD. I do find I fly through it, though!

My next favourite is the Maybelline- SuperStay Better Skin Concealer. This gives you great coverage for under eye darkness without looking cakey. This one comes in second to the Age Rewind but is definitely high on my list.

**I use my Beauty Blender to blend out concealer

Powder, us oily skinned friends’ favourite product. I have a huge list I could talk about because I’ve literally tried every type of powder out there, but I’ll keep it short for you.

The first powder I’m going to talk about, I had to put first because she deserves that position. It is the well known, always talked about, Laura Mercier- Translucent Loose Setting Powder. The gates of heaven opened when this lovely product was invented. It is definitely as good as people say it is, even though I’m currently trying to convince myself otherwise because I just ran out and she’s a pricey one I tell ya. Totally worth it though, I just really need to pay rent this month. This powder is great for setting the under eyes and not looking cakey, it’s good for baking and also for setting foundation. I can definitely tell the difference from when I use this, to when I don’t, just by the texture of my skin.  This is a lovely, lovely product. Props to Laura Mercier. I highly recommend.

The next powder I want to talk about is another product I recently found in my collection again. I was actually given this powder and did not really have high hopes for it, but it surprised me. It’s Australis- Pressed Powder. This is an Australian drugstore brand, that here in Canada you do not hear much about.  With the low price on this one, it does a good job at what it says it’s going to do: keep you matte and set your foundation. I like to use this on top of my foundation, to help blend my bronzer and blush out more smoothly.

**I use an E.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush to apply powder

That is all for the part one of my makeup obsession babble! Stay tuned for next Friday to hear more of my favourites!!


Friday Faves

I wanted to share some of my skin favourites/saviors with you all! I was lucky, growing up my mom always taught me how important skin care is because she suffered all her life from multiple skin disorders and problems. I was lucky enough to not get any of these problems from her.

I definitely have oily-combination skin type and these are some of the tricks and products I’ve found that work best for me! 🙂

1) Clarisonic:
This thing has been a blessing to me! I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and I don’t think my skin has ever looked and felt better! I use the deep cleaning head with it, which I would recommend for oily skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I would probably try a different head, or only use this every second day, instead of every day like I do. How I use this: I do my usual face washing routine and use this last.  You’ll be surprised at how much more dirt and left over makeup comes off your skin with this baby!
Clarisonic-Mia 2 (the model I use)

2) Argon Oil:
Like I said before, I have oily skin, so I thought the use of an oil on my skin would only make this worse! To my surprise, this is not true at all!! I am in love with argon oil and I use it in many different aspects of my beauty routine. I use it with my foundation to give my skin a glowing (not oily) look.  I also use it every evening to lock in the moisture before bed. Lastly, another favourite way to use it is in my hair.  Since I have blond hair, it tends to get dry and damaged, so I apply a little argon oil to the ends to help keep them healthy!

Argon Oil- Josie Maran

3) Beauty Blender:
Ok ok, I know this is talked about a lot by makeup lovers, but definitely for good reasoning.  This thing will guarantee to give you the best foundation application ever. It leaves your skin looking glowy and flawless.  It helps you to not cake on the foundation by soaking up extras, which I have definitely been guilty of in the past.  It also is a great way to fix your foundation up mid day, I simply wet it, and dab it onto my face to help evenly distribute the makeup around my face again.  The pink one if my favourite, I find the other colours have different textures. **Make sure you clean it! I use anti-bacterial hand soap.
Beauty Blender 

4) Charcoal:
Never ever would I have thought that charcoal would be a favourite thing for my skin, but to my surprise it is! It has helped balance out my oily skin immensely! I use this is the morning to get rid of the oil build up from the night before!  It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cleaned for the day ahead! Love love love it! I use the one from Lush, I highly recommend any fellow oily skinned friends try this out!

5) Tea tree:
Last but certainly not least, tea tree. I use it in the form of a toning spray but I’ve also used it as a cleanser and equally loved it. This is another great trick for oily skin. Tea tree helps balance out the oils in your skin, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference after using this. How I use it: I apply it nightly after I wash and use my Clarisonic on my face. I spray it onto my skin and let it soak in before applying my moisturizer! **When I find my skin getting dry, I will skip this step, or make sure to only apply to my T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
Tea Tree Water-Lush

Those are my current 5 use or die skin product so! Remember I do have quite an oily skin, so for those of you that have dry skin these tips might not be as useful for you! Also, if you do decide to try some of these products, remember your skin may break out when you first start (especially after starting to use the Clarisonic). This isn’t a bad thing! Your skin is just getting used to the product!