Scar Removal Update #5

Scar Removal #1
Scar Removal #2
Scar Removal #3
Scar Removal #4

It’s been a hot minute since I posted one of these. So I thought I would let everyone know where I’m at! If you have no idea what this post is about, I have linked all my previous posts above. Long story short, I am getting my past self-injury scars removed at a local clinic here in Regina, using laser, microneedling and plasma lift.

I am still getting treatments, about every 6 weeks right now (to allow healing time between each appointment). My scars are looking better and better after each treatment and I have noticed a huge difference in both the appearance and texture of my scarring.

We have been sticking to mainly microneedling on my leg because the scarring there is quite sunken in, the microneedling will help plump the skin back up.

On my arm, we have been mainly doing laser and this past appointment we also tried plasma lift, which is a tiny needle that delivers heat to the skin.

(Here is what my arm looked like directly after the plasma lift. If you look close enough you can see tiny dots where the heat was transmitted onto my skin. This treatment is the most painful out of the three for sure. After the dots started healing they turned into scabs and were very itchy.)

**If you want to see videos of the treatments, you can find them on my Instagram highlights.

I also wanted to share two photos below of that microneedling healing looks like. I went for a treatment and got quite deep microneedling done, so the healing ended up looking a little different than usual. Usually, after the microneedling treatments, the skin is just a little swollen and red, but after a more invasive treatment, my skin peeled very mad.


It has been almost a year since I started treatments (which is so crazy) and I am very thankful for this opportunity I was given. Ultimately, I know my scarring will never completely be gone, but I am very happy to be able to share this experience with you all and show people out there, that there are options to remove or lighten past self-injury scarring!



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