28 Will Be Great?

Every year, I write up a list of things that is the number of the age I’m turning. Last year I did 27 things I was going to work on, the year before I did 26 things I had learned and the year before that, I started this blog.

I am very thankful and happy for this blog. It has given me the ultimate outlet for my emotions, stress, heartbreak, frustration, happiness and everything else in between. Though it hasn’t made me famous yet (just kidding), I have been able to connect with a lot of people. People who experienced similar things to me, or people that were able to see me in a different light due to the things I’ve gone through.

Life isn’t all smiles. Life isn’t all parties and celebrations. Life is about learning how to smile again after having your heart broken. Life is about learning to dance in the rain and getting back up after you’ve fallen down.

Life is about finding what you were meant to do and using that to make the world a better place. Life is about balance and learning to give and take equally. It’s about being the bigger person, even if it hurts on the inside.

27 was a great year. Lots of wonderful memories were made, and I really don’t want to remember it for anything other than that.

Now to get brainstorming on a list of 28 somethings.



Author: thisis25site

A twenty-something female, trying to find my way through this crazy thing we call life!

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