Scar Removal #4

*Photos may be triggering

Update #3
Update #2
Update #1

I am so sorry I have not updated those of you who are following along with me on this journey. I actually posted a story and made it into a highlight on Instagram if you want to watch my latest update at ash.bernstein.

The treatments have been going well. After the micro needling session which is the last time I updated you all, we have been sticking strictly to lasering. More intense lasering on my arm and less intense on my leg, because the healing process has been taking a little longer on there.

The picture above shows how my scars are looking right now. They are red/pink due to healing. The texture of my skin has greatly approved and many of my friends who have seen the scars before I started my treatments, say they look a lot better. My scarring on my leg is being quite stubborn so I will need more treatments in that area.

Since I am open to sharing my journey with the public, during Mental Health week in February, I was asked to talk about my experience with mental health and self-injury. I was extremely lucky enough to have shared my story on CTV, pairing with Nu Image (link here) and on CBC during the early morning radio talk show (link to the article here).

Regardless if my scars ever completely disappear, I am forever grateful that I was able to share my story. I don’t care if it reached one person or 10. I got to bring awareness to self-injury, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve also had a handful of people reach out to me, including one of my favourite professors from university, professional athletes I look up to and young students I hope to inspire. Being so transparent about my struggles has been hard and has made me feel extremely vulnerable at times, but every time I get a message thanking me for sharing my story, it makes it 100x worth it.



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