Scar Removal Update #3

**photographs may be triggering

Update #1
Update #2

For those of you still following allow my scar removal journey, here is an update.
We have started the next process, micro-needling. I found the lasering, made a huge difference on my leg scars! My arm as well, but I can see the most change on my leg for sure. I explained before, what micro-needling is, but I will again in case I have any new readers. So micro-needling is a treatment done that uses small needles to puncture the skin and trigger the body into healing mode, stimulating cell production and new collagen to form. For me specifically, this will greatly help the texture of my scars.

The first photo is my leg with the numbing cream on, which had to sit for 30 minutes. The second photo is directly after the treatment. This treatment hurt more than the lasering (about an 8/10 for pain) and did result in some bleeding (which is standard). The healing process is way quicker than lasering though. The day of the treatment I had some mild discomfort and the day after I barely felt anything at all.

These photos were taken in the evening after the treatment. A little more red, but already starting to heal.

IMG_4708 (1)

This final photo is from the day after. If you look close you can see the little holes from the micro-needling. All swelling has gone down, and no pain other than when my sister’s dog jumps on me.

I go back for another treatment in 3 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the results of this treatment, because the lady doing my treatments, believes this one will show the biggest changes in my scarring!



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