Scar Removal Update **

Hey-o! I am here for a scar removal update!

**My original post: Come Along With Me- Scar Removal 

After my first treatment (of course, I forgot to take a picture because I suck at this) the scars were a lot lighter and smoother in texture. I personally noticed a bigger difference on the scars on my arm compared to the ones on my leg, which are much bigger and deeper.

We did another laser treatment today, with a less intense laser.  This time with no numbing cream (I would say the pain was about the same as last time).  After the treatment, the lasered spots were a lot less swollen than the last time.

30 minutes after laser treatment.

12 hours after laser treatment.

I will try to remember to take pictures after the marks heal this time to show you the difference.

We will be doing micro-needling next! Stay tuned.


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