Come Along With Me- Scar Removal

Hey guys!

I have decided to share a new journey with you all! I have been chosen for a program called Nu Beginnings. It is a “community outreach initiative specialized in helping those who have had their confidence affected by accidents, illness, trauma or self harm”, started by a local medical esthetics clinic, Nu Image. I had to apply for this program and was a little nervous at first.

I have had my scars for so long, they are almost like a part of me, a part of my identity. Proof that I survived a tough part of my life. In the large picture, I chose to apply because I think it is a great opportunity to share my journey and bring awareness to self-injury and mental illness. I know many people wouldn’t tag me as someone who struggled with self-injury in the past, so I think it’s awesome to be able to show that mental illness and self-injury doesn’t fit the societal built stereotypes.

So I went into my first appointment at Nu Image about a week ago and sat down with two ladies: Jennifer and Vida. They explained the program to me and asked if I would be okay with sharing my story. My answer was yes. They explained that many people working there had backgrounds and degrees in psychology, and mental illness had a huge part of their hearts which is why they wanted to start this program.

Next, they looked at my scars (which I have on the top of my left arm and on my right thigh). They decided by looking at my scars that there are three treatments they would try.

1) Microneedling which would help the texture of my scars.

2) Laser which would lighten the scarring.

3) Cosmetic tattooing to fix the skin pigment.

I went for my first treatment yesterday which turned out to be lasering. The pictures below show immediately after the treatment (which is why they look swollen) and the day after.

I’m not going to lie it did hurt and I would say I have a quite high pain tolerance. The part that hurt the most was when Vida would go over the same spot more than once with the laser. The smell was also quite bad, smelling like burnt hair and skin. I was given numbing cream which helped a lot and also given some to take home and apply twice daily.

Today the areas feel quite sore like a burn would feel. Sensitive to touch and some movements. Vida told me to expect to peal within the next couple of days.

I will continue to update you all on this journey!





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