Interview with an 11th Grader

**Happy Tuesday everyone. I was recently asked by one of my past students if she could interview me for her grade 11 English class.  I thought her questions were awesome and decided to share them and my responses to them with you all!
I hope you’re all having a great week!


1. What are your aspirations in life? And Why?

Since I was young, my aspiration in life has always been to make a positive difference in the world. I wanted to somehow make at least one person’s life better. I honestly don’t know why this has always been my goal, I think since a young age I saw how being kind to someone made me feel so much better than being rude. I always liked when I knew I was able to make someone’s day better.

2. What is the importance of family to you?

The concept of family has always been very important to me. Unfortunately, from a young age I grew up without a close relationship with my mom, but I was lucky enough to grow up very close to my sister and dad.

3. As a child what were your goals? Have you met any from that period of time?

I think; as I have gotten older my goals have changed. When I was younger, my goals were more egocentric and short term, for example, I want to get a good grade on the next math test. Now my goals are a lot more long term and altruistic, for example, I really want to go and volunteer in Cambodia next year. I am lucky enough to have accomplished a lot of my goals I had made for myself, like dance professionally abroad and travel to certain places in the world, but now I set goals that not only benefit myself, but also benefit others.

4. Has there been any challenges in your life, that had a major impact on you? Have you overcome any? If so how?

Through high school, I suffered from high-functioning depression and self-injury, but I always had a mindset that I wasn’t allowed to asked for help or show weakness because people would view me differently. After graduating, I developed an eating disorder, which I suffered from in silence for far too long. Overcoming these things has made me an incredibly strong person. I use these past experiences as motivation to help youth understand that mental illness is not a weakness. I want to help people know that they are not alone and that it is perfectly fine to ask for help.

5. Do you set daily goals for yourself? If so what are they?

I like to set weekly goals for myself. I am a very active person, so making time to go to the gym and eating properly are very important to me. Also since my life is so crazy busy, trying to balance school, multiple jobs, and extra activities, I always try to listen to what my mind is telling me. If I start to feel overwhelmed, I will take a step back and analyze the things that I need to do first and then go from there. I no longer have a problem admitting that I sometimes need extra help, or need to take personal time for myself.

6. What helps you stay positive when you are at your worst?

I think looking back on where I have come from to where I am now, helps me stay positive and stay on track. Surrounding myself with positive people, taking personal time to recharge and asking for help when I need it, are all things that help me stay positive and healthy.

7. Is there a person who has a major influence in your life? If so, how have they impacted you?

Though I don’t have a very close relationship with my mom, she has always been a huge motivation in my life. When I was younger I remember seeing a light in her that many people see in me. Since her light no longer shines every day, I try to shine mine extra bright for her.

8. What keeps you inspired to stay positive, and motivated every day?

The people around me help me stay on track and remain positive. I know I have many younger girls that I teach and work with that look up to me and they are a constant reminder of how my positivity can inspire and help other people around me. Sometimes simply telling my story and being open about my past struggles are enough to make a difference.


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