beautiful sunsets and meeting my bestfriend’s newborn. literally what could make a day better. 🙂


My Must Have Fall Faves!!

I loveeeeee fall. I love everything about fall. I love fall fashion. I love fall weather. I love fall colours. I just love fall and honestly wish it lasted all year round.

Let’s start off with a few of my favourite fall makeups and beauty products.

If any of you know me, you know I love lipstick. My collection is quite insane, to be honest. Summer lipsticks are my favourite cause you can wear the brightest and craziest colours, but I’ve also got a few fall faves. The first one being Bow N Arrow by Kat Von D. A nice dark nude, literally perfect for almost any look.  I like to put a little bit of a nude lipstick on top (while it’s still wet) to lighten it a tad bit. To top this baby off I put How Nude by Soap and Glory to give a little bit of shine to my lips. Best fall combo hands down!

I’ve had this palette for a long time, but it especially fits the fall season. It’s warm-toned, with a combo of both mattes and shimmers and as of recently, I cannot put it down. It is the 35O Palette by Morphe Brushes. Not only is the quality on point, but it is always cheap AF for the amount of eyeshadows you get. **Also as I was looking for a picture of this palette, I stumbled upon the 35F -Fall into Frost Palette. I cannot say it’s any good because I haven’t tried it, but just look at it.. a-maze-ing.

I have been having some major skin issues as of lately. Major for me, might not be the same for other people, but I have been having some little breakouts for unknown reasons.  I have decided to go on the hunt for a new daily and night moisturizer.  These are the ones I’ve been trying and loving: GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer by Origins (daily moisturizer) and Zero Oil™ Oil-Free Moisture Lotion by Origins (night moisturizer). Both are a gel texture and oil-free, which really suit my oily skin! Two more skin products that have been saving me through breakouts are Supermud Clearing Treatment by GlamGlow and EradiKate by Kate Somerville.  Both are very expensive, but worth it in my opinion and have really been helping my skin!

Quick hair product shout-out to Detox Dry Conditioner by Dry Bar. I actually bought this stuff by accident, but I’m so glad I did. Not only does it smell like heaven, it leaves your hair amazingly soft and refreshed. It’s great for us blondies who’s hair tends to get dry on the ends after not washing it for a few days!
Let’s move onto fashionnnnn.
I am nowhere near a fashionista, and I will definitely not claim to be one, but I still do have some fall staple fall items.

My first fall fashion favourite is toques (or beanies). There is nothing better in my eyes than a good old toque on a fall day hahaha. Here are a few that I’ve been repping:

**Always repping the derz.

I am a huge fan of sweaters, bunny hugs and long sleeves for the fall. Especially ones with an awesome design on them. Victoria secret has some of my favourite long sleeves, that are comfortable and warm, but still cool enough for those hot fall days.
I’m also a fan of Urban Outfitters Men sweatshirts. They fit big and they have so many awesome graphics on them. **Definitely downsize 1 or 2 sizes because they are men sizes.
Another two of my favourite sweatshirts are from two local stores: HardPressed and 22Fresh. Both with very unique and amazing designs, great quality and local.

I have two favourite fall bottoms. The first being black jeans. I could wear black jeans every single day. My absolute favourite ones are the High Spray by Cheap Monday.
I have to give a shout out to my next fave fall bottoms.. wait for it.. wait for it.. Lulu Lemon Wunder Under Leggings (Hi-Rise). I don’t even think I need to explain myself here. You can dress them down, you can dress them up. They are just wonderful. My ultimate favourite is the shiny version, but they haven’t brought them back for a while.

Shoes:. Since I am currently biking everywhere, both my fall favourite shoes are pretty practical. The first ones are my black on black converse. Simple but stylish (in my mind anyway haha). My second go-to shoes right now are my Nike Air Max 1s.

Last, but certainly not least are some of my current favourite jewellery pieces. I’m loving layering necklaces right now. I wear my Giving Key necklace almost every day, paired with some smaller necklaces. For earrings, I have been loving the new mini Hillberk and Berk sparkle balls. They’re small and not over the top. Lastly bracelets, I have two that I wear every day: my Lokai bracelet in clear or purple and my Alex and Ani charm bangle bracelets.

Fall for me is all about being comfy and cozy. About enjoying the last bit of the summer heat while looking at the beautiful fall leaves.

What are your favourite fall things??


**If you want to see what I’ve been jamming to this fall, check out my ‘sept’ playlist on Spotify!

It’s All About The Vibes.


I am such a huge believer that you get back what you put into our universe. If you’re a happy, positive person, those are the people and vibes you’re going to attract to yourself.  I’m not saying that life isn’t going to happen, that you’re not going to have a seizure, total your car and crash your bike all in a week (true story). But with keeping your chin up, and smiling through the rough patches, you will attract the people in your life that belong to be there. People that will help get through the negative times. And the people that will always push you to be the best version of yourself.

I am constantly praised for being a positive person by people around me, or sometimes by people I don’t even know. Thank you to everyone who reaches out to me. Motivating and putting smiles on people’s faces is all I can ask for in life and I hope I can continue to do this.

Have a great week everyone!!


Motivation Monday! :)


My goal in life has always been to be able to view people without a bias. Without judging or critiquing or analyzing. I want to be able to look at people and see them without having any pre-judgment.

My question is whether or not this is possible? Do you guys think that you can meet people for the first time and not judge them by their looks or ethnicity , or by things you may have heard about them before meeting them?

I am currently studying sociology and psychology in school and I think both these subjects would fight against this concept, saying it’s not possible. There are so many things in our world that pre-expose our minds to thoughts and concepts before we’re even able to create thoughts or opinions for ourselves.

I hope that I find myself in a position one day where I can look at another beautiful human and instead of comparing myself to them, I appreciate their beauty and simply their being.

Happy Monday! May your weeks be filled with smiles and good vibes!