Let Go.


3 thoughts on “Mood”

  1. Yeah, I know sometimes in the past this message would have been good for me … and I have one friend who could really benefit from this message right now! Maybe I’ll take a screen shot and text her! πŸ™‚

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      1. It made her sad, but she keeps lamenting over past relationships that just aren’t going to transform into what they once were decades ago. I told her she put enough effort in our her part and that she needs to seek relationships where their is mutual respect, reciprocity, reaching out and just a general mutual like for each other. She wants to recapture the past and have the friendship she had, but people and life circumstances change. She has a hard wrapping her mind around the fact she wants the relationship but they aren’t willing to try … it’s even to the point where her family members ignored her email 2 yrs ago when she told them she had a low level kidney cancer that required surgery. No one called. No one emailed back. I told her it’s time to move and start putting people in your life that REALLY and genuinely care about her — simply being related doesn’t make one obligated to have a relationship!


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