Friday Faves

I wanted to share some of my skin favourites/saviors with you all! I was lucky, growing up my mom always taught me how important skin care is because she suffered all her life from multiple skin disorders and problems.ย I was lucky enough to not get any of these problems from her.

I definitely have oily-combination skin type and these are some of the tricks and products I’ve found that work best for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Clarisonic:
This thing has been a blessing to me! I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and I don’t think my skin has ever looked and felt better! I use the deep cleaning head with it, which I would recommend for oily skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I would probably try a different head, or only use this every second day, instead of every day like I do. How I use this: I do my usual face washing routine and use this last. ย You’ll be surprised at how much more dirt and left over makeup comes off your skin with this baby!
Clarisonic-Mia 2ย (the model I use)

2) Argon Oil:
Like I said before, I have oily skin, so I thought the use of an oil on my skin would only make this worse! To my surprise, this is not true at all!! I am in love with argon oil and I use it in many different aspects of my beauty routine. I use it with my foundation to give my skin a glowing (not oily) look. ย I also use it every evening to lock in the moisture before bed. Lastly, another favourite way to use it is in my hair. ย Since I have blond hair, it tends to get dry and damaged, so I apply a little argon oil to the ends to help keep them healthy!

Argon Oil- Josie Maran

3) Beauty Blender:
Ok ok, I know this is talked about a lot by makeup lovers, but definitely for good reasoning. ย This thing will guarantee to give you the best foundation application ever. It leaves your skin looking glowy and flawless. ย It helps you to not cake on the foundation by soaking up extras, which I have definitely been guilty of in the past. ย It also is a great way to fix your foundation up mid day, I simply wet it, and dab it onto my face to help evenly distribute the makeup around my face again. ย The pink one if my favourite, I find the other colours have different textures. **Make sure you clean it! I use anti-bacterial hand soap.
Beauty Blenderย 

4) Charcoal:
Never ever would I have thought that charcoal would be a favourite thing for my skin, but to my surprise it is! Itย has helped balance out my oily skin immensely! I use this is the morning to get rid of the oil build up from the night before! ย It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cleaned for the day ahead! Love love love it! I use the one from Lush, I highly recommend any fellow oily skinned friends try this out!

5) Tea tree:
Last but certainly not least, tea tree. I use it in the form of a toning spray but I’ve also used it as a cleanser and equally loved it. This is another great trick for oily skin. Tea tree helps balance out the oils in your skin, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference after using this. How I use it: I apply it nightly after I wash and use my Clarisonic on my face. I spray it onto my skin and let it soak in before applying my moisturizer! **When I find my skin getting dry, I will skip this step, or make sure to only apply to my T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
Tea Tree Water-Lush

Those are my current 5 use or die skin product so! Remember I do have quite an oily skin, so for those of you that have dry skin these tips might not be as useful for you! Also, if you do decide to try some of these products, remember your skin may break out when you first start (especially after starting to use the Clarisonic). This isn’t a bad thing! Your skin is just getting used to the product!



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