so.. this is 25?

As I sit here at the university with 4 papers, 10 forum posts, and a 20 page take home final to write I find my mind wondering. Is this really the life we’re all intended to have. School, work, die.  Even writing that, it just sounds so depressing.  I am entering my final year of school (for this degree, **eye roll) and I cannot wait to.. hold a piece of paper and say “I did it”.  I wrote countless numbers of papers, had way too many sleepless, anxiety-filled nights, took one too many classes learning things that I will never use again.. hmm okay. I know I sound extremely stuck up and over-privileged, but I just can’t grasp the concept that this is all there is to life. I am beyond thankful to have gotten an education and lucky enough to have my parents help pay for it. I just wish I could see what my future looks like at this moment. I want to know that all this hard work and stress will be worth it in the end. I want to know my broken heart will one day be loved and appreciated by someone.  I want to know that money will not be something I focus my life on. I would be happy to work at a minimal paying job as long as it’s something I wake up every day wanting and loving to do.
The unknowns of the 20s, both a blessing and a curse.tumblr_o493khQd6C1rnsok6o1_1280